Quote of the Day
It's Not What You Heard; It's What You Think You Heard

Q: What's that called?
A: A towell.

Fold your arms and I'll hold your crotch shut.

Sniff the hammer.

Just do you know, this is taking so long because I'm giving them tons of head.

There's a meat joke in there somewhere.

Do that again with a stupider look on your face.

I can't do a Jew. I'm sorry.

Play around with the rotation of the purple one.

I'm lookin' at you guys. I'm agog.

Work first. Poop later.

When she's hittin' it, tap that too.

You want me to stop at the gherkin?

So no words, just present the pie.

Can you blow it more up than at her?

Wanna be our can boy?

Get in there and get into sniffing position.

I guess that's how you get a cow to do what you want, by making ape noises.

On that one he dribbled before he shot it.

Drizzle before the hole develops.

I just realized...the last time I saw this doctor, he was wrist deep in my wife's vagina.

You're just hanging out waiting for somebody to eat pie with.


If you eat out of it, don't move it; that's her eyeline.

I need a spritzle fairy over here.

Go for the hole and turn on the accessory.

Do you have a carrot in your pocket?

I'm a brick and mortar vagin.

It's like Dirty Dancing meets Deliverance.

I want you to get it off at 45 degrees.

That looks a little too yoinky.

It's strictly a hand job.

You can order any size balls you want.

Open up your pants for me.

I just feel better holding it.

All the way around so we can read ball.

Is there anything we can do with her face?

We're gonna do this again and again until it seems spontaneous.

Move in until you can taste your knees.

I'm turned on by the supple touch of my own hands.

Is there anything you can do to sync the jumbotron with the music?

This is the best urine we've ever shot. Go to #1.

I'm normally on top, but sometimes...

I'm one of those people that will give you the shirt off your back.

Hey, worst talent ever; when the director says, "Put your hand in your pocket," what he means is: put your hand in your pocket.

Spread 'em and show 'em.

Do this whole shot with your tongue stuck out.

Marxed for death.

Smile you son of a bitch.

His hands went to his breasts as he was luxuriating.

A lotta hand talking and a lotta laughing.

He has to pull his pants down.

I should action on your rack.

Your butt's pointed at me. It should be pointed at the camera.

What do you think about having one of the guys turn around so we can see his butt?

Can you take it away from him and rub it harder?

She's all full of hair, but I like that.

Your finger's a bad actor.

When you come to the door use your tounge.

Does he need pants for this?

No thanks, my lips are plenty moist.

I have plenty of tail here.

Let's see the woody in there. Make it harder.

On the bottom...soft or hard?

Don't be a bully or a terrorist.

Hard as you can without moving the stool.

You like cowboys? You like reverse cowboys?

Would you mind if I pulled your arm out?

Let me see what it looks like with you bending over.

I'm a loud vomiter.

Always stay next to her with that chain around her neck.

It went soft at the end.

Can I have a full handy?

Can we see the rack?

I don't think I feel comfortable with you saying that saying that so close to me.

Give me a little hand action. That would be great.

Give me a little hand action. That would be perfect.

Get lower so we can see more of the pole.

I don't like that I'm following the dad's butt.

That's okay, I've been in custody before.

Can I use your back for a second?

You can hold it in your hand, just don't let it touch the matress.

Don't you remember having fishing line on it to keep it erect?

The crack is a little brown and shiney.

If we weren't using stands as tripods, we wouldn't have to use people as stands.

Paddle, slack, look, dumbass.

Everyone have teeth? Everyone's nostrils are in?

What was that? His teeth fell out.

Same attitude, "nugafep!"

More of a pause between "ugwa" and "yugwa."

These gentlemen are very proud of their helmets.

Mammoth backside.

When you turn it around, just make sure I can see both butt holes.

Take a look and see if I can see both butt holes.

Did you say jerk the hand and squeeze the creamer?

Take the ponies off of Jaeger's pants.

Some of the subtleties were so subtle.

Should I have some extras take their tops off?

Hey, you want me to shoot the baby through this?

Curling is the crack cocaine of the Olympics.

Keep your hands away from his mouth. I'm serious.

Make it more gynicological.

Don't blow the hot stuff at me.

That was so great we peed ourselves.

Can you take it away from him and rub it harder?

Wipe the splooge off the coffee cup.

Church Sign: Don't be a bully or a terrorist.

Hard as you can without moving the stool.

You like cowboys? You like reverse cowboys?

Would you mind if I pulled your arm out?

Let me see what it looks like with you bending over.

I'm a loud vomiter.

Always stay next to her with that chain around her neck.

It went soft at the end.

Can I have a full handy?

Can we see the rack?

I don't think I feel comfortable with you saying that saying that so close to me.

Give me a little hand action. That would be great.

Get lower so we can see more of the pole

I don't like that I'm following the dad's butt.

That's okay, I've been in custody before.

Can I use your back for a second?

You can hold it in your hand, just don't let it touch the mattress.

Don't you remember having fishing line on it to keep it erect?

The crack is a little brown and shiney.

If we weren't using stands as tripods, we wouldn't have to use people as stands.

Take a look and see if I can see both butt holes.

When you turn it around, just make sure I can see both butt holes.

Paddle, slack, look, dumbass.

Everyone have teeth? Everyone's nostrils are in?

What was that? His teeth fell out.

Same attitude, "nugafep!"

More of a pause between "ugwa" and "yugwa."

These gentlemen are very proud of their helmets.

Mammoth backside.

Did you say jerk the hand and squeeze the creamer?

Take the ponies off of Jaeger's pants.

Some of the subtleties were so subtle.

Should I have some extras take their tops off?

When you're going down, take your time.

Hey, you want me to shoot the baby through this?

Get it up! Get it up! Nice!

Curling is the crack cocaine of the Olympics.

Let me see your little pee pee.

He was yelling at his wiener all night.

When you pound it in, hold it naturally.

Welcome to Fuck City.

Electronically manipulate the nipples.

There's nothing like live Muzak.

I would mind seeing a trickle from that midget on the bedspread.

Good hand action!

Keep the mouth moving; never stop the mouth.

This is too bouncy. Want me to hold it?

I got grandma crotch goin'

It's going to take a little bit more than a hip shift.

Let's see; open up the jeans.

He was a nob so I had to be a dick.

You loved it. You had to. You're being paid to love it.

The girls can relax until she's done working the fudge.

Which end does she work the fudge from?

Less handsy.

I love the highlights on the shaft.

The dart went soft on that one.

If you could just get the tip in there a little bit.

Can I get your fish spritzer again?

Pull it out and watch everyone laugh at you.

I don't care, I just don't want to get doe pee on my pants.

Pretty soon they'll be doing rectal probes... That wouldn't be so bad.

Your snot wouldn't be that cold.

Poke him in the butt!

Peter, no more butt poking.

You don't have to worry about pullin the bag on this one.

You like pullin' 'em by hand?

Her finger feels soft.

...and rotate!

We gotta shrink this rod back.

I didn't realize it was so hard for you to get them off.

I was blowin' ya.

Can we see you fully extended?

We need to see the length.

Is that illegal?

Compress the time between lid removal and stick insertion.

She's taking this birch from 0 to 60.

Let's see the potty shot again.

I wanna stay in close to the helmet.

First positions, fresh buns.

We'd rather have balls. Right?

Want me to grab something?

They lay the shit that makes the shit.

I felt the difference in your tool.

I can definately come faster.

I'm not sure of anything I put in my mouth these days.

I'm trying not to make it swing so much.

My career won't be complete until someone is injured during one of my events.

I think it's wild turkeys that can fly, not domesticated ones. And they only fly straight up, right?

Do you like it better pulling out or pushing in?

You keep biting that burrito until we tell you.

Look at you; you knowhowto use that thing.

Straddle that thing, sit down, and smile.

I'll spank you if you cry.

Let's get Dick back on the mound.

Did Jake pull his Irish out again?

A little more finger action.

Do you always have a rubber in your car?

Why don't you scoot it up and I'll watch.

I'm going to touch it just a little bit.

I don't think we need to see fluid coming off the tool.

Less Boobs.

It's not the 5 1/2" rule, it's the 6" rule.

No, no tool. First let's rehearse. First bzzzrrrt, then tool.

Clean the tool. Stick it.

We got plenty of sticky stuff.

We'll just blowquick then flip it over.

I've had just about enough of east-sider crack.

I can get the tool and the bzzzzzerrrrt.

We gonna ball this one?

We'll do the same hole. Finish it off.

We wanna see the guy hittin' the box.

Nice rack!

Oh, you want to see more of my box?

Can you kneel down in the middle.

So were gonna see mom doing the honk.

Does that truck have one of them backup dingers?

Do aroma before you put them together.

Put your hand between the balls for a minute.

Your balls are exposed.

We don't need to overheat the balls.

Slow down so we don't beat our balls.

I'm just going to pound it in the corner.

Spin, then you're back to showin' him the chicken.

I don't want anything to do with Britnays twitter.

I love it when it's all wet.

We've got some wood blockage

Can I see something in a strap-on?

I always stick my tounge out when I do anything.

You're pretty hairless, like a hairless monkey.

If I'm gone for a long time, I'm muddling.

Baby seal soup; you thump it yourself.

Can I see bagman again?

Start with the smell; then smack, bite, kiss.

Let's get that bucket closer to him.

Do aroma before you put them together.

Who's got hero buns?

Without squeezing, show us where you would squeeze.

From nowon go ahead and squeeze away.

Can we tighten up the bun?

Kiss the puppy on the nose.

I want to do a little girl now.

Should we go with the nipples; one big, one small?

We need something to make the nipple stand out.

I like the small nipple one.

It's a city of nipples.

How do you look going down?

So you want a little more poop on the bottom side?

Can not change slots. (camera menu item)

Want some lusty base?

It's a shot of the junkular region.

Open up the fly and show the zipper.

If anything, thrust your hips out.

You can't just hit your mark and then thrust your junk out.

Holy man, you got a big front end there.

I just wanted something warm to throw down my throat.

I wish I could sleep on a bed of beef.

Let's get the stunt cheese out.

Can you put a rim on the horses ass?

This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a boner.

Scoot your bottom in a little.

That's when she ran into the honey-wagon and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

You're the most experienced button pusher we have.

I shortened it even longer.

We should have a lot of flies in here

Oh no.....that one might stink.

Is that guy still in the bucket?

It would be nice to have another condor.

Ok, Im gonna jump in bed with you girls.

Are these midgets on squeezers?

I can pinch it here for sure.

Who's having a bathroom party?

What if we put the paper over her head?

Open up the toilet.

You don't have to squeeze it no more. I just want you to hold it.

Stay on the box. Stay on the box. Stay on the box. Staaaaay on the box.

Focus on the ass as soon as you see it.

Push the butt into the ice.

My wife got rear-ended last week.

Should I put my pants back on?

This ad requires pants.

It's god's will. Jesus shoulda been here.  Ah, my body is fuckin fallin apart.

Ok, who knows how to do cartwheels?

Why don't you guys do something, something to offend these people, get us kicked outta here.  Go kill some dolphins

I just threw up again you freaks.

Aw fuck aww ass fuck me right now I want my feet severed Grandpa needs to sit down ass clowns!

No! Like a cowboy!

I used to see Jews before I knew what Jews was.

I try not to eat birds.

Can I say ass?

We need a good looking can.

The cheerleader isn't even existing.

Do you want that under my butt?

You havin' bag problems?

Look at me I'm showin' my bag.

Do you see the 9 inch?

I need more bottom room.

Pretend to blow.

Grab the knob.

I'll take Brown Eye over Love Shack.

Not so smirky.

How about a toothy smile.

Ready...finger, finger, finger!

All face.

That's a little too loosey and too goosey.


Get me outta here before I go crazy. Gimme my money before I fucking kill you.

Are you pretty tight down there?

Have you got any more balls?

Can you cut me that slot too?

Punch the turtle, see what happens.

Bam, spin, whoot! (clap)

Throw the dice, homo.

It's OK if you hit the camera.

You're just a beat off.

Let's send her away and get her in a waitress outfit.

Why don't you wiggle that for me while I pull it out.

Hit her with it.

It would be nice if we could get her to turn and then he grabs it.

You're a little long, but there's no way around that.

Some of you were jerking, some were just lazily going.

Don't look at me, just keep looking bored.

Slide it in, but not that far.

I'm watching my figure.

Are you sure?

It's a lot bigger than I remember.

You ain't puttin' no man-purse on me.

Shutup bitch.

I'd rather have that hole filled.

We're you a little bit tighter before?

He's pantsing the wiener.

Do you have a hard tool?

What's the matter? You gotta broke back?
(replaces bend over and spell run)

They don't do any of that gayism stuff.

Give us enough tail.

She was lookin' for a little grip dip.

Come across her forehead one more time.

You were never sitting on a couch with a man, were you?

Slide around the rear and you'll be at the end of the unit.

You're squeezing too hard.

My husband's in love with our neighbor's Snapper.

Do you want to come upstairs with me?

As soon as we're through touching this, let's shoot it.

Is this the hero sandwich? No, it's a club. (serious)

I know the difference between male and female. I've seen turtles.

Which way is onaround?

Do you have a 2' tungsten? No, but I have a 3# organ.

Jacket on or jacket off?
(read aloud for full effect)

Where'd you get that prop? It's not anatomically correct.

You don't need your bottoms for this.

Get into sniffing position.

We're selling the pants, not what's in 'em.

You're the pie lady!

I'd like to see more rack.

You're a gentleman and scholar.
(said by old man to a female)

What are you doing, backing up your dinghy? No, I'm servicing my Johnson.

The problem is, your butt is taking up the whole shot.

I'm itchy, I have to take my pants off.

Good hand action.

Oh my god, look at that pickle.

I once had one that was this big.
(place hands 12 apart for effect)

Could you swing the goat's butt?

Ok, I'll sit here and you play the nurse.

They used soy sauce packets like duct tape. The office ceiling fell in on me because it was held up by soy sauce packets.

I want the earthy-toney buns.

I like girthy buns.

The bone is generally pointing away from the guest.

What the meter for? The light's either on or it isn't, dude.

Wider, I want to see pink.

We don't have time for art on this shot.

Shutup. Bend over.

All right, bring the thugs in.

They're thugs, they don't need makeup.

Youve got nice legs.

Thanks, you should see my hinder.

I know you're happy, but no side to side.

I touched myself, sorry.

Everyone's holding their bras.

That's a strange concern for an underware company.

Do you want me to put clothes on?

Is it ok to say panties?

Welcome to our conversation.

It didn't stink, it smelled like the inside of a house.

How can you be writibg something down, I didn't say anything.

How hard is it to move your cheese down?

I like friendly people.

Why don't you bend over and sniff it.

Too much in the crotch.

I gotta hide his pack.

Beat it, nerd.

I've got the spit bag.

You gotta be tight to the head.

I thought you were the wardrobe rack.

You wanna spread those legs?

I'll take any of the ladies that are ready.

Grab some ladies.

Did you drop a dirt turtle in that moho yet?

I think my hands are too slippery from the lotion.

I thought he was on the 'do not breed' list.

That's the best the cow's ever looked.

It's just a proud cock.

Push the ass down.

Keep mooing.

Give me a big open mouth if you can.

We're back to hot butt.

I have to peck before you blow.

Let's do one without any blowing. We'll keep the pecking.

I got rubby stuff.

We're Jewish. That's no excuse.

So I'm going to walk up and pull it out.

I'll quote anybody if they say something.

Look down at your thing and then up at the rope.

This time go down on it.

Can I put my pants back on?

Pull your finger out a little.

That's nicer when it's wetter.

Let's pull it out.

It went a little deeper than before.

Tell me when I'm gonna hit you.

Make sure you stay thin.

That actually felt like we did it ht time.

That kael's killing me.

She's a little littler.

What if you wet those? Would that hurt?

Soft on the face, harr on the table.

Neck soft, head good.

You're just looking around, I'm gonna shoot you.

I just want to feel her.

Keep goin around, up and down on that thing.

I almost called you sweetie.

Show me where you're gonna come.

I'm just looking for a piece.

That was good, you were squinty.

OK, off with my shirt.

When I say go, you can pull just a little bit.

Stop talking and let me talk.

Come to the bathroom with me.

Throw a ball in front of her face.

The whole sparkly thing,

I don't find it objectionable at all.

It's looking a little wrinkled, can someone grab it and hold it?

That's enough of that, let's go to the poke.

Do I do the hand as well with it?

Every take someone's touching my boobs or my hair.

You guys are making me hot so do it right.

Bring in the vibrators.

Try a more up and down motion.

You're naked right now, right.

Mount it before you play with it.

The three-some worked very well.

Will Brian Dick Mike
(Names written in that order on a dry-erase board)

So you voided blood.

More like a menstrual cycle.

Hand gestures would be nice.

You can stick one here.

That's a big microphone, it's really long.

Bigger is better.

Are you going down on this?

How big would you want this tin foil swan to be?

After this we're in the fridge.

Hard in the bottom.

Roll video, roll sound, jacket off.

Swing your ass over there.

There are two balls over there.

Wanna look at your ball?

I just gotta get up there and pull my pipe off.

Now it's time on Sprokets to set the table.

You're more boinky.

I'm looking for something small and loaf-like.

Turn the ball to the camera.

How tight are you?

In and out faster.

He looks more lunch.

Oh yeah, she's gonna be pole dancin'.

Lick it

Put it in your mouth.

Put it in the other cheek.

Look at Mommy.

Does that look like cleavage to anyone?

Do you want me to do anything in the bedroom.

It feels good to feel something warm.

Where does the lotion go?

I could have used a shotgun and got them both.

What if we put a little lubricant on that post?

She looks like the Smeagol version of Jennifer Garner.

Daddy likes extras.

We're takin' it all the way off.

Lower the pants young man.

Open up that shirt.

More adorable.

This time eye him up.

Push your flap down on your fly.

What the fuck you want, honkey?

I wonder if my phone is being destroyed by he sweat from my pants.

Are you a four whole chickens guy, or a dry white toast with nothin' on it guy?

That's going to be pretty high and horizontal.

Do you have a preference, right hand or left hand?

Look! Nuts!

Oooh, you got a big one.

This President thinks Night of the Lepus is a farce!

Where's Daddy's diet Dew?

Please stop calling the client cuspie.

Please stop calling the DP hunchie.

Gunshot line one.

How bad would that look coming out of her butt?

Don't make me pimp-smoke you.

There's nothing worse than full pressure lubrication.

There are two horizontal models available now.

I like the squatting part.

Straddle the divider.

Shorten yourself.

My new favorite bedtime story:
The Hollow Pie

Just cuz I work at Wal-Mart doesn't mean I'm not stupid.

You're bored, don't look at me, don't talk, no smiling, you're bored.

It would be easier if I could find a hole.

And you're like, oh! Because you're monkey just fell off.

See if you miss more before your monkey flies off.

You guys are terrible missers.

Fire your monkey a little bit.

Let's see if we can get your finger in there.

React to the boner.

Give me your 'it's huge' hands.

I can't wiggle it once it's up.

Do some of these guys wanna hop into bed?

OK, we are laying.

He was afraid to get into the gown. I was all about it.

She's just a body wipe.

My shirt fell down.

Let's go in now and get the shot of his tool.

Remember your groin isn't shaved yet.

Let's get ready for the ball gag.

My underwear is now officially wet.

That bag thing was really good.

I have 2 - 8 inchers up right now.

So you're on the job combing the carpet.

Rear Farm
Carcass Storage Area

It's right in the crevice, that was awesome!

Do you mind if I come in your back door?

That's your very special spot; because everyone has one of those.

Beef in freezer belongs to Milw Police.

Look at it. Sniff it.

I don't know why I don't have more women just fawning all over me.

You be me being her.

You better get some water to wash down that nut dust.

It's midnight and the agency just called. Can you please plan on being at location a half hour earlier tomorrow ? Please email or call with a response.

Get the taper out of your va-jay-jay.

Fuck you, you're eatin' it!

If three grips come out of the truck laughing, don't go near them.

Adjust the knot, look at camera, pop, then ohh.

I couldn't read the punch line because it was in binary code.

Why don't you go get wired up and then we'll have a look at those bags.

Do you want to add some glistener to the sausage?

Angle towards me so I can see your chute longer.

Roll it, wipe it, rub it, something.

The bathroom we use for for the potato will be the other bathroom.

Guess what we're going to do. Can can you guess by that bed?

Slap a wig on him, make him cry.

We need some bush direction.

Stop it with that sweating peter.

Can you bury it in her bra?

If you want, I'll put it in her bra.

I get excited when I see he gets excited.

Was that weird? Seeing your Mom with somebody else?

Let's go find your clothes.

It was more than less than half.

Steam it so it's not so crunchy.

Actual Products

  • Hoop Chute
  • Shaft Slicker
  • Wonderwood "Hot while in operation"
  • Uncle Jimmys Hangin Balls

New Terms

  • deveal - the opposite of reveal
  • roundituity - to show a curve on camera

We need to be tighter and deeper.

Flip it up, but leave the bottom on the table.

Tape the flag to the stump.

It's a little limp.

They're ready for you to play around in the upstairs bedroom.

Show me, I'll put it in my pants.

Let's start over with a little less head bobbing.

One more with the hand.

Ruth likes it with the finger and Jim likes it with the finger and Paul likes it without the finger and Deb likes it with the finger.

You're bobbing to the left too much.

He's just pulling his pipe.

Let's try the smaller ball.

Department heads, mount your seconds!

Welcome to Fuck City

You don't need pants.

You want something to wipe that stuff off your face?

Why don't you just pull that out.

That's a much better hummer shot

You make the hummer look smaller.

Go around the back, behind her.

We'll cut her head.

Work the pump and relieve the pressure.

I'm gonna wish I had a shorter pole.

You gotta move around a little bit, find some new positions.

I'm a pitcher, not a catcher.

I can smell your banana all the way over here.

You really gotta know what her moon is.

How's that hole now in the back?

I'm really tiny.

C'mon, I'm really small.

We can keep it very tight.

Swing your butt a little bit.

Are we done with the dingy?

He's kinda dull up on top.

Is there any way to make him look like he's doing something?

Then we can do him from behind.

We'll do jack with the girls.

We got some good vissh.
(Pronounced by saying part of visual.)

That's a nice stiff knob.

Everybody needs a stiff knob now and again.

Stop saying stiff knob.

Can I put one of these in your pocket?

Can I just back up and look at the cheese box?

Is there anything we can do to make her cheese slicing more natural?

She should be more of a suggestion and less of a person.

Nice and loose, nice and loose. Not that much!

When you walk off, don't crunch your bag.

Can I get up on the big thing.

Can you give me an in and out on that?

Take 2 tablets before a passionate interlude.
(This was directions on the back of a bottle of goat weed.)

This keeps coming in her face.

Less leg, more seat.

Well when he moves forward, you'll see more seat.

I know you hear this all the time, but get into bed.

Pay no attention to that man getting into bed with you.

Pull your top up.

I got one that was dead on the rack.

We have the ass of the apple staring back at us.

On TV they have people that run after your balls.

I need a boom-boom.

(This had to be capitalized to recreate the way it was heard, and actually the real quote is Play free PARKING Monopoly, but everyone heard fucking instead of parking, and since it was a slot machine we heard it every 5 minutes for 10 hours.)

Can we get any longer? Either wider or longer.

Who wants to get this hot and steaming?

We got steam, let's do it.

I wonder if we should go with a tampon in there?

If you have a version of that bag that can do that; I can do that.

It's hard to make out in the wide shot.

You're very, very long.

I need a little less tongue at the head.

Watch the sucking at the head.

That was good hand action.

Use your hands, touch something, touch yourself.

Sweet and hot cream cheese dip.
(I think this was seen on a craft service table and not actually spoken.)

Mike, give me an ear and an arm, and give me a rod too.

Do you want me to go pound something?

Well that hung well.

Can you adjust it or do whatever it is you do with it? Can you do it from behind?

You can come straight up from behind, there you go.

I like that position, it's fine for the individual guy.

Small girl, very cute action.
(This was written on a script.)

You got something sticking straight out.

Hey Spielberg, the jerkstore called.

He's one-uping us with 64 18Ks.

Let's do an undressed rehearsal.

This is far better that setting it the right way.

You mean it isn't screw the lighting guy day?

That will leave a wet spot. Ok, no wet spot jokes.

Put more balls into it.

I'm trying to eat around my lips.

What's the FCC gotta worry about us for? They gotta worry about planes blowin' up.

I'll stick a glow stick up my nose and do some ravin.'

Drop pants for prompt service.
(That was actually read on a dry cleaners sign, so technically it's not a quote.)

He should know, he's spent more time in the bowels than us.

This coffee tastes like box.

This Chinese food tastes like box.

Fortune say: You are man who eats from box.

Oh, yeah, kids are great. I got 3 or 4 of 'em myself.

You gotta choke it, that's the only way it'll crank.

We got plenty of tail.

Could you scoot your box back a little?

I usually don't wear pants.

Are you real tight?

Can you grab the bag?

Did you squeeze the bag?

Did you guys want to see the nipple or not?

I'm still bread, but I'm in the toaster.

Can I just take a four footer and squeeze it?

Loads of unusual size.

Proper horn usage.

I need a longer squirt.

I wanna see how tight you are.

The hole is fine.

I want to see more bottom.

One day a slate read:

Can you see that? Should I keep pulling on it?

I don't want to be held reliable for that.

I saw the wood, and without analyzing it, it was wrong.

Sweep across the legs into the box.

I need a little on the tail.

That's a really big rack.

Can you tease off my bottom here?

Now, jacket off.
(Say this one aloud for full effect.)

Do you want a stop?

No, just pushing and sucking.

Can you give me more head? How does that feel to you?

Can you give it to me a little flatter, with less bottom.

There was a little fumbling with the hole insert.
(It may have been the whole insert I'm not sure.)

Let's do this rehearsal without your pants.

Hold it with both hands. That way it will be naturally stiffer.

I'd like to get you into bed now.

I'm the Teddy Bear you never had.
(The person who said this won't be named, but on the set he goes by Schmitty)

You know how they have the director's cut? They should have the crew cut.

Let's get these pants on.

Come off the shirt if you can give me more.

I would love to see the two of you together.

It's just chock full of production goodness.

Don't make me puncture you again.

Was that shaking it off the way you want it?

How are we gonna do me today?

Are you guys aware that 6 is pretty small?

Tapin' boobs

You're down too low and I think your too tight.

There's a bar going through the baby's head.

Let's lose the pillow, that says bed too much.

Can I be on my knees, or do you guys want to be on a box.

I'm used to a longer stem.

I like seeing him sucking the ball.

Can you help us get the arm out of the hole?

You're cutting into the helmet a little bit.

All right, give me the full helmet.

Can you go on the next shaft down.

You always want the thicker shaft, don't you.

I need about four inches.

Oh, I can do that.

I need 3 or 4 inches.

He ran out of shaft.

Do a sort of caring thing.

Start the motion.

I'm not much if a wood grain guy.

Do you want you're hard-something down here?

It's so sunny and bright, it makes me want to be sick.

I'd put something on it and push it in a little more.

Going down I'm fine.

Give me a longer lens without compassion.

We need Connie's breast.

Let's get her wet.

We're only 20 minutes behind? That's like an hour ahead.

Look at all your equipment.
(This is made funnier by looking at your crotch.)

Video-boy is better than being stool-boy.

I want to see you move it again.

That's pretty big talk for someone who was pitchin' a tent in public.

He's concentrating on my boob right now.

Yeah, let's shoot that.

I'm not even practicing until you get your clothes off.

We just want to see the cheese.

That blows faster than I could.

That made it nice and firm.

Can you grab the hose?

I'm just lettin' 'er rip, right?

Am I just kinda fakin' it?

Are you ready? Here's a big one.

All right baby juggle 'em for me.

Ok, let's see you toss one.

Do you want to ride?

Do you want to be on top?

Cowboy throws meat in cart and it rears like a bronco.
(scene description)

Where do I bite?

Bites are difficult.

Pizzashit pizza oven.

itzza Pizzacrapa.

Don't you need my hand.

Hit me hard here.

Does someone want to slide this in while I lift up the back?

I just wanted to give her something nice and hard this time.

Just make it like this and we'll play with it.

The blondes spread better.

This school is a hundred years old. Do you know hiw many wedgies that is?

Can you spear a snicker-doodle with your pickle-helm?

I want to go on that show, Elimidump.

Are those pillows just going to be flaming?

Reset the loaf.

Smoke the loaf.

I'm not buying the tail.

I keep waiting for someone to ask how his pussy is, but no one has.

I want to see some of his stuff.

Now wiggle it around and show me where it is.

Holy shit, Helmut!

Let's run a stick up her backside

You always were an album sniffer.

I think they're gonna request more tongue.

I asked you to show me funny toe.That hot stud looks nice.

Maybe someday a ball will fall out of your pants.

You can grab mine if you want.

A little less freakish with the pencil.

That's how I really write.

It looks like a tard wrote that.

Aerolas towards camera.

Focus on the bag.

Keep squeezin' that thing.

Stroke faster, brush some hair out of face and then a big spit.

aaand, fluff!

You don't get hurt, you just get to look.

Fluff it. Make it plump.

You made me nervous and then I couldn't perform.

Dance around like a sausage.

Spit on it so you can get it off quicker.

Frame up on premium ass.

I'm afraid I'm too jiggly down here.

My right arm is getting the workout of a life time. Wait...that sounded....

Let's see your rack.

I need a strap-on for my breasts.

We're going to stay away from the dipstick because it's not a legitimate action.

I'm so tight you could just put a little cardy-card in there.

Last shot's in the seat.

OK pull it out, lube it up, and stick it back in again!

Move your box a little to the left!

The only thing worse than actors talking is actors talking about football.

Do a couple squat thrusts, see if you can't work yourself into those things.

Can we get some light from below to minimize their junk.

That's good, put the hand on the body. I love it.

Where's the landing strip on a guy?

And that's why an apple box is not a table.

Let me see you go in for the smell.

Yes, you're enjoying it.

Swallow then give us a wink.

Ok, let's jiggle jiggle a bit.

A little more milk faced.

I'm not touching poop.

I think I've got poop in my eye.

You wanna do the women first?

How much of a stroke can you get nice coverage on?

Give me one of those head/face close-ups.

We can get a real, live, frozen one.

You're a little blown out on your potato salad.

We'll just bag the shit out of the babies

I'm going to fix your box quick.

Can you throw something into her from there?

Given it's challenged girth, it's much firmer.

Is my hand underneath here as I'm going down?

So people our age still go hiking for entertainment?

Let's talk about polishing techniques.

From old Pieces of Eight menu used as prop:
Cappuccino - We recommend this rare after dinner drink.
(The cost was equal to a half liter of house wine.)

The only thing we're not going to do is blow.

You would have like me as a girl.

Can you finish from the front?

Pull the tool out.

Get some face.

I don't do ladders, but I will take a pan handle up the rectum.

Happy? Let's move on to the nose nut.

Oh I see. He's the gentleman with the bald hair.

Put that on your resume. 'Will take balls to face'

You can pull 'em off the come if you want.

I want to come up her back.

It's soft, but it's in.

That guy follows the rules way too much.

Let's ride her face if we can.

I've been looking through a lens for 20 years asshole.

We're going to stay away from the dipstick because it's not a legitimate action.